Welcome to Flying Free Media

Passion Led Us Here


Everyone has their speciality. For us, it’s optimised content creation, curation and digital marketing for brands – let’s be clear, that’s what we do and we do it well.

We don’t rehash Google and pretend that everything is our specialist subject, we know our limitations – we don’t want to be the world’s go-to agency. No, we’d much rather be here, as a brand publisher for innovative brands who know the importance of smart content and marketing and aren’t afraid to put a value on it.

Content Ideation

As a brand, you only have a small window of opportunity to grab your customers’ attention. Everyone has their specialties and if you keep hitting a brick wall in your content creation, let us do the hard work for you. We can brainstorm content direction, research topics, trends and audience.

Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading

Whether it's website content or printed media – we create, edit and proofread content that gives your brand a voice. That voice should be authentically yours. When you read our content, you will feel like you’ve come home.

Content Strategy and Management

We create a roadmap for your content marketing including the audience to target and the social and marketing plan for promotion, and a content planner and calendar. Content can be managed with a direct upload to your platform including scheduling. To keep your content moving we can manage all updates on web pages including social media.

Project Management

We understand that often the person charged with website maintenance within your company has several other responsibilities. We take off some of the pressure by managing a new website build or a revamp. Our project management services align stakeholders, set time frames and ensure you have us much input as you want.


The world of SEO is always changing, Google keeps evolving the game and it's a commitment to keep up. We treat your website organically, continually optimising it and feeding it with all the goodness it needs to keep flourishing.

Optimise Content for SEO

Your content must not just sell to you audience, but also to Google. This is where SEO steps in. We create content that utilises your keywords authentically and naturally, tapping the mind-set of your customer and allowing them to find you.

Website Audit

A review of how your page is performing in terms of design and performance, including determining issues in tone of voice and website content, identifying opportunities for content repurposing, evaluating content quality and fulfilling content gaps.

Website Development and Management

If you are business looking to set up a total website offering, let us help you by mapping your expectations, pairing it with functionalities and creating a space that tells your clients (and Google) what you do and how well you do it. We manage website builds including hosting, images, content and SEO.

Digital Marketing

We create content and publish it in multiple channels that help instil brand awareness and trust in your brand. These channels include earned, own and paid media like blogs , social media ads and shares, and link building.